Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm a model, you know what I mean...

And I do my little turn on the catwalk. Yeah on the catwa... wait a minute.  Why am I on a CATwalk??  Shouldn't it be a dogwalk??  Oh yeah... and I do my little turn on the dogwalk, yeah on the dogwalk...

I'm getting a really cool harness made by my friend Baxter's mom & I am super, duper excited!!  So mom made me try on the fit model so we could get the measurements JUST RIGHT, and tomorrow she sends it back to get finished.  Of course this gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my modeling skills... yeah I'm a natural.

I'm too doxie for my harness, too doxie for my harness...



docsdox said...


my mom and dad are making me wait until i'm full-grown before they splurge on a neat harness from Baxter's mom. i can't wait to see what yours ends up looking like!

- ramsay

Franny said...

Jasper, you are too cute and oh-so handsome! You are the perfect model :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jasper! It's your friend Hildy!
I've missed you!
I even told mom yesterday that I wish you were along for our adventure! (We went way up high in the mountains!)
I am excited to see your new harness! Baxter's mom makes the bestest ones! Maybe I will get on from Santa - I'll write him a note early so he can get started!
Say hi to your mom for me!
We love you!

- Hildy & my mom


Amy said...

Hiya Hildy!!

I sure do wish I could go on your adventures w/ you too. I've never been up in the mountains either:)

I can't wait for my new harness either, actually mom says she order 2 of them, a fancy one & a fun one... I'm sure mom will take lots of pics when they come in & I'll put them up as soon as they get here!! If I were you I'd get that letter to Santa started, you can never be too early:)

Have a great day!!