Friday, August 2, 2013

Jasper Update

Hi there everybody, Jasper's mom here. I am sorry that we have not been very active lately, but Jasper has been under the weather. For the last month and a half, his appetite has been off and he's not drinking as much water as he should be. He also gets worn out quicker than normal. I took him in this past Tuesday and had some bloodwork done, and the results and treatments recomended by the doctor have left me feeling uneasy. His red and white blood cell counts were both low, and the xrays show that there might be something stuck in his intestines but they are not sure and want to wait another week or two and then check again... oh and put him on a multivitamin. Oh, and I paid $400 for that...

So today I have made another appointment with a different vet's office that 2 people in my office use. They do all of the digital xrays and ultrasounds in house with a specialist that is on staff. I know my dog and I know that he's not "just getting older". He's 4 years old, not 8. If there is something stuck in his intestines it needs to come out before it gets toxic. He has never walked away from his food before, and there are times now when he will only eat if I hand feed him. I am so worried about my baby, he is my world. I will try to keep everyone up to date on how things are going and would appreciate any good thoughts and/or prayers for Jasper.


Beagle Tibi said...

I am sad to read your post.
Quite a lot of love I'm sending you good thoughts.
Jasper will be very fast healthy.
Love from Sylvia and Tibi

Nola said...

Paws crossed. Did you test him for Lyme?

Ruby and Penny said...

Sending tonnes of doxie feel good vibes for Jasper. Hope the new vet can pinpoint the problem.

Love Ruby & Penny

Lovable Lily said...

We've missed you but truly this is not how we wanted you to come back to Blogville!

Jasper, you know we're all praying for you! Your furend Baxter told us last night you were under the weather.

We're happy you're seeing a different Vet. Hope that they sort it all our quickly.

Please keep us posted or relay the info to Baxter for us.

Lily Belle & Muffin

Anonymous said...

We love you two <3 <3


Hildy and my mom

docsdox said...

oh NO! we all hope that you find out what is going on with Jasper and that he makes a speedy recovery. please keep us posted. we will be praying for you both.

- the docsdox family