Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An Offer From My Friends At PetsDirect.co.uk

Hi Everyone!
As a late Christmas present, we’d like to offer any bloggers following PetBlogsUnited.com a free gift, worth £10/$15 (or equivalent) for simply mentioning
PetsDirect.co.uk on their blog.

To get your free gift all you have to do is choose what gift you’d like from
PetsDirect.co.uk up to the value of £10/$15, then email your postal address and item(s) choice to sales@petsdirect.co.uk, and where you’ve mentioned us on your blog/website.

 It's as easy as that! There are no restrictions on what you can order, whether it's a new collar you need or a fancy toy to keep your pet amused, if it’s on
PetsDirect.co.uk then we’ll get it for you.

You wont have to pay postage, and there won’t be any other hidden costs. This fantastic offer is worldwide and available to any bloggers or pet blog owners. Happy shopping!

Pets Direct UK

Mom found this over on my friend Nola's blog, make sure you check out her blog & PetsDirect.co.uk!! They have some really cool items on there & great deals, too!! I'm gonna go get something right now... yay!!

And check out Pet Blogs United as well & send some good mojo to Oskar & his mom Pam, she's not feeling so well Oskar is worried about her & misses her a lot.



Nola said...

Whatcha gonna get Jasper?
Dachshudn Nola

Amy said...

I told mom I wanted the comfy grey plaid cushion so I could rip it apa... I mean so I could snuggle in it!! She said she is just waiting to here back from them. What did you get, Nola?!?!

Frankie Furter said...

Sooooooo cool. THANKS fur putting this up.

Lovable Lily said...

Yeah, a new posting from you Jasper! Happy 2012 my friend. Hope you're having a good one so far.

Lily Belle