Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone out there in bloggerville has a wien-derful Valentine's Day!! I got some really yummy treats & fun toys from mom & I gave her her favorite present... puppy kisses!!  :)

And I would like to send a very big puppy smooch all the way to Calfornia to my Valentine, Hildy.  I am a very lucky pup to have such a beautiful, sweet & adventurous girl as my Valentine. And I also told mom that I would be her Valentine too cause, well, she doesn't have another one & she said that I'm the bestest Valentine she could ever have... awww mom...

For my girl, Hildy :)

And since I got a tooth pulled yesterday & my mouth is still a little sore, mom said that she would get me some Frosty Paws puppy ice cream on her way home from work as an "extra special Valentine's treat"! YAY!!

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!! :)



Cole said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Jasper! I hope you little mouth is feeling better soon. :-)

3 doxies said...

Oh Hildy is gonna loves your smooch!
I so sorry to hears you lost a tooth, I hop you feels betters real soon...make surs yuo use da pitiful eyes!


Nola said...

Happy Valentine's Day Jasper!
Dachshund Nola

Anonymous said...

Oh Jasper!
You make me swoon!
Big kisses across the miles!
Wish I was there to run and play with you!
I think my mom and your mom are good friends!
- Hildy

Anonymous said...

Hope your frosty paws helps take you mind off your sore tooth - Sorry to hear about it ...
Love you Jasper

- Hildy

Gracie May said...

puppy ice cream?! What?! I just got an extra treat, and was forced towear a red jacket! No fair!

Pia said...

jasper, you and hildy are such a cute valentine couple! i love the picture with the rose and the kisses. it is so so so sweet!!!

hope your mouth is already better and you got your delicious ice cream?!

dachshund kisses

kalyxcorn said...

aw so very sweet! :)

Pia said...

maybe you want to join my site too?


George von Dackelansichten said...

you are very lovely <3

Dackelbussis from Georgie