Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SnoogaBoo sweater

I got a present in the mail today!!  My WAY COOL Aunt Shelley made me a snuggly sweater from her SnoogaBoo Baby shop.  It even has a "J" on it! And she made it just for me... FOR ME!!  Check it out!!

It's super, duper cuddly & soft.  And of course, it's my favorite color... green. :)  It fits me perfectly, it covers my chest & even leaves enough room for me to take care of potty business.  Plus I think it feels so good cause my Aunt Shelley made it with tons of love. :)  Right now the weather is spring-like here in Kentucky, so mom put it in my clothes box until it gets cold enough for me to wear it. 

Thank you for my sweater Aunt Shelley, I love it!!  If you'd like one for yourself, go check out her SnoogaBoo shop.  Just ask for the "Jasper"! Hee hee:)



~Shelle said...

Oh My Dog! You're in Kentucky, too?!? We live right outside Lexington on a mini farm! Who knew Jasper is our neighbor!! :)

Nola said...

That's a great sweater!
Dachshund Nola

docsdox said...

AWESOME!!! i love the "J"!
i like that it covers your body and still leaves you room to make shooshies!


Finn said...

Oh I love your new sweater! Very cute!

Lovable Lily said...

How dashingly handsome you look in your beautiful new sweater Jasper. Wow, just can't say enough about it! Wear it in good health.

Lily Belle

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Jasper that sweater is just so HANDSOME on you. The color is perfect with your furs color. Good that you have Potty Space.

Hey I didn't know you live in KY. That isn't very far from me.

Jasper + Amy said...

Thanks everybody!!

Ms. Shelle, mom & I live in Louisville, that's not too far from you!! How fun:)

Frank & Ernie, are you in yonder?? I don't know where that is but mom sometimes says that things are over "yonder" and I always wonder where that is??

Doxie Rod said...

jasper you look so handsome!! i love it! aunt shelley is very talented. you are ready for valentines day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jasper!!!

You look the gitchiest in your J sweater!

So handsome!


Say hi to your mom~