Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First Post!!

Hello everyone, my name is Jasper.  In case you couldn't guess, I am a dachshund.  A cream, tweenie boy doxie to be exact.  I am 2 1/2 years old & I live with my mom in Louisville, KY.  I asked her to help me start this blog because 1. I don't know how to type by myself & 2. I like to tell people what I think... alot.  I talk to them all the time.  When I meet new people, when people walk by my window, to the birds & squirrels outside... all the time!!  Mom calls it barking, but whatever, I'm just trying to be social.  And maybe a little bit bossy.  So this blog will be me, TALKING, about all different kinds of things.  I'm glad you stopped by to see my first post, I hope you'll visit me again!!

Paws for now:)  J

Note from mom:  Hello.  My name is Amy & yes, I am owned by Jasper.  I helped start this blog for him because I love looking at other doxie blogs (a bunch on Blogger) and I am hoping that I we can do a good job.  I am new to the blog scene so please bear with me, I will try to live up to some of my favs. 



angie said...

oh jasper, you are SO CUTE! and i'm glad your "barking" comes out in english in writing. ;) can't wait to hear more!

docsdox said...


we're new to the blog scene too, and have been at it for almost a year now. like you, we were inspired by the many doxie blogs on blogger and felt the need to put our two paws in...well, three if you count one for each of us humans and ramsay!

-docsdox and NewMama

hey jasper! isn't it fun owning humans? i know how to type but i can't spell so well - plus our thumbs really aren't very useful, are they? good to have mom and dad to type for us! - ramsay!

The Sheridan Avenue Boys said...

This is awesome Amy! Jasper is so freaking adorable!