Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Woo hoo... drive thru!

So mom said it was too hot to cook tonite, which was fine by me 'cause I know what that means... CAR RIDE!!  Here's my little adventure...

Oh boy, it's almost my turn...

...I'll take a nugget kids meal w/ fries & a vanilla shake please!! 

Did they get my order right mom??? Is my toy in there???

Yes little boy, it is. :)


docsdox said...


what toy didja end up getting?


Amy said...

O Ramsay, I got a really cool toy that shoot little balls through the air, but mom took it away after I tried to eat the balls. She said it wasn't age appropriate... :(

But she said I could get a new toy this weekend at the doggy store, stay tuned:)

angie said...

you are so cute!