Friday, October 7, 2011


Oh my goodness, wait til I tell you!!  I had some sleepover guests this week, it was my cousins Squirt, Oscar & Chief.  They used to live with my mom & Auntie Heather before me & my brother Pilot were born.

L to R: Squirt, Oscar, Chief, & me

We had such a good time, we ran around & played zoomies & barked at each other & did squirrel patrol together & went on walkies together & ate marshmellow snackies together (yum) & chewed on bones together & snuggled on mom, yep, together... it was so much fun!!  Mom says we were so fast she couldn't get a lot of pics so she put together what she could for me to show you.

I'm sad though cause they are moving to Nashville with their mom, my Auntie Ashley... what's so special about Nashville??  I mean, Auntie Heather moved there, my Auntie Chelsea & cousin Stella live there, and now Auntie Ashley & the weens... what gives??  All my playmates are moving away...  stupid ol' stinky Nashville... maybe if I promised them snackies & zoomies & snuggling everyday they'll come back.  Think it'll work??  Ideas are welcome:)

Anyhoo, I just wanted to tell you what an awesome week I had.  OH, & I also won a Halloweenie Costume Contest on Facebook last week, how cool is that?!?  Stay tuned for my post about my prize, hee hee...

See you soon!



docsdox said...

quadruple cuteness! can't wait to read about your Halloween prize!

Taffy and Angel Twix said...

Hi Jasper! Nice to meet you. My momma would absolutely love to be around all those doxies! She says she would like to have a doxie farm....she's weird.